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Information about us

by Philippe Gonet

Philippe Gonet started out by creating Vin Jaune Vinegar, which is now distributed in France and around the world.
This website provides information about this vinegar, as well as our new creations. All our vinegars are produced from quality Jura, and primarily Arbois, wines.
They are aged in oak casks and produced in a totally natural way, without the addition of colourings or preservatives.
The casks are stored for several years, at constant temperature, in 17th century cellars, which allows the vinegars to age harmoniously. Their final transformation, over a period of several months, takes place in a ventilated area on the upper floor.
Located in a former vintner’s house, in the centre of Arbois, our small vinegar-making plant lies at the very heart of the Jurassian vineyards.
Arbois, the capital of Jura wines, is well worth a visit. The town also offers an interesting historical heritage, including such illustrious names as Louis Pasteur whose father ran a tannery in the town. More information can be found at

Our activities began in 1993, sparked by the passion that all Arboisiens have for their superlative Vin Jaune wine.
The wine is produced exclusively from the Savagnin grape and must mature for a minimum of six years and three months before it can be called Vin Jaune. A veil of yeast forms during the ageing process, gradually transforming the structure of the wine and conferring it its nutty, spicy flavours.
Yellow Wine Cask and its yeasts veil - 13.1 kb
Yellow Wine Cask and its yeasts veil
Maturation is carried out without ullage (topping up of the cask as the wine evaporates) or racking (drawing wine off to another cask).
When the wine has aged, in a 228-litre oak cask known as a pièce, roughly one third of the wine will have evaporated. This explains why a Vin Jaune bottle, known as a clavelin, has a capacity of 62cl, supposedly representing the amount that is left from a litre of wine once it has aged for some seven years.

Our idea was... Could vinegar be made from Vin Jaune? Thanks to the research into wine vinegar performed by Louis Pasteur, the world-renowned chemist who was brought up in Arbois, and after three years spent perfecting our technique, we unveiled our first bottles. Although this started out as a spare-time project, growing demand, generated by word of mouth, led us to expand our activities.
In order to diversify our range, we have now created new vinegars using Savagnin, Chardonnay, Poulsard and Trousseau. Each has its own individual character, some traditional and others more original, such as our Jurabalsam vinegars.

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